Southwest Landscape Design is stacked with fresh and innovative landscape design and installation ideas. From design to completion, we will not only deliver a project that will exceed your expectations but will leave you boasting for a lifetime. We will work with you closely to take your ideas and mash them up with ours for a guaranteed crowd pleaser. We will educate you throughout the entire process, hand pick materials, stick to your budget and deliver results in a timely manner.

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Southwest landscape Design is over 10 years old and prides itself on being a true “turn key” operation. Whether it is a pool, pool renovation, patio, landscape design and installation, outdoor kitchen, outdoor lighting and so on (see services). Whether you are looking for a low maintenance landscape, modern landscape, contemporary landscape, native landscape or a lushy landscape, make no mistake we are here to handcraft all of your ideas into an outdoor masterpiece.

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Wouldn’t it be much easier dealing with 1 contractor vs. 5? If you’ve ever had to deal with 5 contractors at once you’ve most likely found yourself pulling your hair out. We’ve made it easy, make Southwest Landscape Design your “turn key” professional.

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A Message from the Owner

 As always I take great pride in seeing a happy client at the end of every project. Every project is a blank canvas to me and excites me greatly to have to the opportunity to work one on one with each client to create their own very unique work of art. I am frequently asked, why do you not expand in order to take on more projects? My answer is simple, Quality over Quantity.

Each project is customized to meet each clients needs and takes time, hard work, organized planing and executing. At the end of the day a smile, a new relationship and a good referral are all I could ever ask for.

Brandon Stewart, Owner Southwest Landscape Design